Is blogging necessary for your company, and it is worth the time investment? Yes! Business blogging is an important part of an effective inbound marketing strategy. According to SEO Advantage, small businesses with blogs have a 126% increase in lead generation, and 81% of consumers trust advice and information from blogs 

  1. Boost SEO  

  2. Become a thought leader 

  3. Attract new customers 

  4. Encourage social media management 

  5. Blogging humanizes you 

  6. Free PR 

  7. Stay on target 

  8. Keeps you sharp 

  9. Build confidence 

  10. Blogs are cost-effective 

  11. Get to know your customers 

  12. Attract inbound links 

  13. Keywords come easy with blogging 

  14. Use it for cheap trial runs 

  15. Open the lines of communication 

  16. Expand your network 

  17. Boost company morale 

  18. Get more leads 

  19. Improve lead quality 

  20. Maintain your online reputation 

  21. Blogging gives you an edge 

  22. Blogging is fun! 

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