Recently, Marketing Influence has been working with authors to help market and sell their published books. Our team utilizes the creation of a strong website, social media plan, and email marketing campaign to help authors sell their books.

A question we have been asked by several authors is, “If my books are being sold through Amazon or the publishing house, do I need a website?”

The short answer is Yes. A website is absolutely vital in order to market and sell your books.

A website offers credibility and additional information that can’t be found through the bookseller. It allows you to control and update the information you wish to share, and helps people easily find information about you and the book. It allows you to connect with your audience, and much more.

Here are 7 reasons why every author should have a website:

  1.  Credibility

    • A website offers you credibility and legitimacy. Whether you just started writing your book or it is already being sold, publishers and readers need to know who you are and what you offer. A website allows editors, publishers, and potential readers find out more about you and confirm that you are actually offering who you are pitching.
  2. Additional Information

    • Your website easily allows you to share details about your book. The Book page features the book cover, a short book bio, links to purchase, and any additional information about the book all in one place. Having all of this information on your website in once location will help readers avoid having to search through several places to learn more and that ease of finding information about your book can entice potential readers to make a purchase.Adding an “About the Author” page will give readers more insight into you and offers a place for reviewers to pull your professional bio and headshot. The Press page will allow you to maintain a resource of all media and press coverage surrounding your book, while the Events page keeps your audience up to date about book signings. Your website is the perfect pace to feature all of the information you have to offer.
  3. Offer Media Kit Online

    • Your author media is a ready-made package with all the information people could possibly need about you and your book. It should include your bio, headshot, contact details, book information, and a speaker sheet in order for people to book you to speak about your book. Having this information easily accessible through your website will help media contacts who will be writing about you or your book.
  4. Direct Selling Links

    • Marketing Influence offers the option to create an E-Commerce page where visitors and buy your book and checkout directly on your website, however many authors choose to not use this approach in order to avoid the hassle of having to manage inventory and directly deal with distribution. Instead, the Book page on your website will feature links to everywhere the book can be purchased (Amazon, Barnes and Nobel, Book Shops, the Publisher, etc). This is the ideal way for a potential customer to easily access all purchasing options and choose the one that is right for them. By having all purchasing options available, it increases the likelihood that a potential customer will follow through and make a purchase.
  5. Easily Search for You and Your Book

    • A website allows your potential readers to easily find you online by searching for your name or the book. Your website, with all available information about your book, the author, speaking events, and media kit helps your audience easily find you, and your book, online.Marketing Influence specializes in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) which will help your potential readers easily find your website and book through Google searching. A dynamic optimized website will help readers easily find you.
  6. Updates to the Reader

    • A website is a great way to update your readers about new events or updates happing with your book. Posting and updating the schedule of book readings, media coverage, and blogs all help keep readers engaged and coming back for more information. Your blog is dynamic and allows you to publish posts that go in-depth about topics such as, what inspired you to write the book, how the writing process developed, interesting facts to entice readers, and more.
  7. Connect with your Audience

    • Lastly, a website coupled with social media helps you connect with your audience in ways that you can’t do offline.

How can Marketing Influence help?

Are you ready market and sell your book online? Your new website should be as captivating as your book. Marketing Influence creates marketing programs that are customized to your goals and budget. Let Marketing Influence make your dream website a reality. And help boost your book sales! Connect with us now to start developing the marketing plan that is right for you.