What is fractional/contract marketing? 

Fractional Marketing is a relatively new term that means contract marketing services. It’s a way to get a wide variety of proven, skilled professionals working for you, for a fraction of the cost of in-house personnel.  

Contract/fractional marketing allows you to quickly augment an existing marketing team or start up new marketing efforts without paying the price of a full time, high level expert. Fractional marketing professionals don’t have long term contracts, usually require only a 30-day notice, and most often work on single projects or a mutually agreed upon retainer of a set number of hours per month. They usually work out of their own offices with regular in-person meetings and reporting as needed. 

Fractional marketing positions run the gamut from Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), to Marketing Directors, Managers, Coordinators, Designers and Social Media Experts.  

Fractional Marketing offers 3 key benefits:

 1. Reduced marketing costs.

Because you are not paying for full-time in-house personnel, your costs are greatly reduced. For example, a Marketing Director salary ranges from $100K to $200K depending on where you are. Add a social media expert and a designer to that at a cost of approximately $50K each, plus all the benefits, and you’ve got a hefty marketing staff budget – and that doesn’t include any hard costs for campaigns such as advertising. You get the same quality of work from a fractional team, but their work, and thus costs, are on a temporary, part-time contract basis.   

 2. Get a full team for the cost of one marketing professional, or less.

A good fractional/contract marketing firm, allows you full access to every marketing specialty you need and someone managing the projects, your single point of contact, for a fraction of the cost of a full in-house team. Instead of paying an individual salary of a marketing director, account coordinator, social media expert, SEO analyst and more, you get all of that expertise in a much smaller fractional marketing team with much less cost. 

 3. Get a fresh, unbiased perspective.

Bringing in an experienced marketer gives you an outside view from a professional trained to think from the customer’s perspective. It also brings to your table a whole host of techniques and ideas to get you where you want to go! 

Equally importantly, a good firm will take all of their collective experience and tailor it to your particular goals and budget. Plus, it’s always customized – your company and story is unique and so is our approach to you


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