Integrated Marketing is an important way to reach your consumers through unified messaging across all marketing touchpoints.

Okay, but what is Integrated Marketing and how is it different from marketing?

Integrated Marketing is the use of multiple marketing “tools” to create multiple “touche points” to a prospective customer through a variety of different media. It combines all aspects of marketing communication such as advertising, sales promotion, public relations, direct marketing, social media, and more in order to act as one unified force. It is a comprehensive plan that takes into consideration the strategic roles of a variety of marketing and communication practices.

An integrated marketing campaign is best when promoting a single, consistent message utilizing a combination of the different vehicles a prospect regularly sees, such as websites, Google AdWords, Facebook, trade shows, print advertising, and more.

Because it takes between 7 and 8 “touches” for a potential to turn into a lead, it is key the message be the same throughout all marketing vehicles for faster company recognition and to avoid confusion. Providing the valued information that establishes credibility and trust is a slow process that is built deliberately through carefully planned and executed integrated marketing.

Let integrated marketing help you reach your goals. Find out how in our new Integrated Marketing Infographic.

integrated marketing infographic

To download our full Integrated Marketing infographic, click here: Integrated Marketing Infographic.

8 Steps to Reaching Your Goals with Integrated Marketing

  1. Develop a Strategy

    1. The first step in Integrated Marketing is laying down your Foundation. You can develop your strategy by evaluating your:
      1. Target Market
      2. Competition
      3. Value Statement
      4. Company Goals
  2. Develop a Marketing Plan

    1. After developing a strategy, comes the Marketing Plan. Develop your Marketing Plan including:
      1. Tactics
      2. Timeline
      3. Measurements
  3. Establish Credibility

    1. Implement the Strategy and Marketing Plan to establish Credibility and Visibility with the following tools:
      1. Website
      2. Public Relations
      3. SEO
      4. Trade Shows
      5. Customer Stories
      6. Brochures
      7. Blogs
      8. Newsletters
      9. Print Advertising
      10. Social Media
  4. Generate Leads

    1. The next step is to Generate Leads using:
      1. Online Advertising
      2. Email Campaigns
      3. Direct Mail
      4. Telemarketing
      5. Trade Shows
  5. Nurture Prospects

    1. Then Nurture those Leads/Prospects with:
      1. Blogs
      2. Newsletters
      3. Email Campaigns
      4. Social Media
      5. Customer Stories
  6. Acquire Customer

    1. Congrats! You have a new customer! Now is the time to keep them happy.
  7. Retain Customer

    1. Once a new customer is added, it is important to make sure they stay a happy customer with:
      1. Surveys
      2. Appreciation Events
      3. Rewards Programs
  8. Repeat

    1. Review, Modify and Repeat!

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