Recently, Marketing influence created a website for author, Dena Nielson, to promote her new book, Common Sense Divorce.

Dena is an author with years of legal experience who wanted to promote her wonderful new book online. Her book, Common Sense Divorce is full of insightful tips for navigating a divorce at will save people time, money, and worry during one of the most stressful times in their life.

Dena’s website prominently features her book, reviews, information about the author, divorce resources, a place to purchase the book, special downloads for additional information which help her build her database, and more. From concept and design to optimization and final launch, Marketing Influence did it all. Visit the site.

In Dena’s own words:

“Marketing Influence created a website for my new book that truly reflects who I am. It clearly and beautifully illustrates the message I want to send. They are continuing to support me with ongoing marketing programs and are very professional as well as a pleasure to work with.”

  • Dena Sillliman Nielson, Retired Attorney and Author of Common Sense Divorce


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