The marketing needs of clients aren’t all the same. That’s why at Marketing Influence we adapt to our client’s unique needs and goals rather than trying to fit them all into a single standard program. One example of how we used our broad base of experience to best meet a client’s needs follows.

Time for an Update

Situation: Dr. Vicki Matthews, a Naturopathic Physician, had an existing website built in an older version of WordPress. She reached out to us because, with a new book coming out, she wanted to upgrade her site.

In discussions with Dr. Matthews, we realized that in addition to a new book, she also had a robust medical practice and an online store, all of which were evolving. She also intended to do ongoing marketing and needed something that would provide the functionality she was accustomed to, but with additional flexibility to allow her to make quick changes when necessary. 

Action: After ascertaining her needs, we created a new website layout for Dr. Matthews that better reflected her current business model and goals, and also prominently featured her new book. We agreed that, due to the age of her existing website, it was better to build a new one on Squarespace, a platform that would meet her needs and be easier to modify going forward. We migrated the pertinent information from her existing website to the new website while streamlining the user experience and updating the look and feel of the content. Once the new website was completed, we re-directed her existing domain name to that new website. After several months, we eventually shut down the old website.

Result: Dr. Matthews now has a website that accurately reflects her current practice and offerings, and also embodies the spirit of who she is. It is very flexible, and changes are easily made to keep the website fresh and responsive not only to her client’s needs, but also to her practice growth. She is a pleased customer, and we continue to work together for ongoing marketing success!


Testimonial: “I can’t say enough about how wonderful it is to work with Marketing Influence. And the results speak for themselves! My website has never been better, traffic has grown, and so has my business. Thank you, Bertha and Shea!”   – Dr. Vicki Matthews

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