Congratulations! You’ve written your book. Now you want others to hear about it so they can enjoy the fruits of your labor.

The fact is, even if you have a publishing house, unless you are already a fairly well-known author or celebrity, they most often don’t spend any money to market the book. That leaves the marketing ball firmly in your court. Here are the Top 4 Tools that you need:

  1. An Author’s Website

    1. Your website needs to establish your credibility as an author and explain why your book is a must-read for your target readers. Included are your bio, pictures of you, the book cover, and something they can download for free. Then, when people request the download, you will capture their name and email address to start building a database you can market to. A two to three video of you talking about the book or reading from it would also be a great start!

  2. Online Marketing

    1. Now that you have a website, you want to make sure that people find you! A simple great way to start with that process is to write and post a blog at least twice a month. This will help increase your visibility on the internet. You can also repurpose those blogs as posts on Facebook or whatever social media is most popular with your target readers.

  3. Paid Advertising and Post Boosting

    1. Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram all offer ways for you to create ads or posts and pay to boost them. You can boost a Facebook and Instagram post inexpensively. LinkedIn is a bit more, and Amazon advertising is even more expensive. The direction you go depends on your goals and your budget. Whatever you do, keep in mind short wording with a compelling visual and a link is what stands out in digital marketing.

  4. Email Marketing

    1. Once you have begun to build your database through your free download on your website, it’s important to stay engaged with those people. You can send them new blog links, any special offers, special resources, etc. Services like MailChimp and Constant Contact are inexpensive ways to keep in touch with your audience and build your brand.

For additional Marketing Tools, best practices, and author reviews, download Top Tools for Cultivating Book Sales here.

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