Well, it’s undeniable. The holiday season is upon us and once again we find ourselves asking, “Where did this year go!?”

As we’re winding down and beginning to enjoy the season’s festivities, we often look back on how this last year went. Did we achieve our goals? It’s important to give yourself a Congratulations! for what you have accomplished. And I bet if you really think about it, you find that you’ve achieved more than you realize.

As you’re winding down for the business year and gearing up for holiday fun, keep in mind a couple of things:

  • You made it! You made it through another year and got what needed to be done, done!
  • Let your mind gently examine what you didn’t get done and why. Maybe your goals shifted. Maybe what seemed important at the beginning of the year was not in retrospect.

There are a lot of reasons why plans are changed. That’s why it’s important for your marketing team to have a roadmap for your success, and still be flexible to meet the need when your direction or budget changes. An experienced team will be able to do more than cut activities; they’ll be able to roll with changes and suggest new ways to meet the new challenges. They are not just order takers. They are partners dedicated to your success.

From all of us at Marketing Influence, we say thank you for being part of our world and wish you the most joyous of holidays!!