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Thursday, November 19, 2020
3:00 pm PST

Everybody wants to sell you some important technology or program you must have. But does it really fit your customer, your budget, or your resources?

To help sort out the marketing mess, I’ve created a Free Zoom six lecture series Marketing Influence designed to demystify, simplify, and correct erroneous beliefs.

You will get:

  • Greater clarity about what to focus on from a marketing standpoint
  • Validation about ideas or concerns you have
  • Relief at not being overwhelmed with options
  • Ways to streamline what you are doing or want to do
  • Where to start and where to go next – baby steps count!

Topics include branding, social media, websites, lead generation and more.

Learn what you need to make effective marketing decisions that won’t break the bank or your resources. Sign up today for this free presentation!

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What Our Clients Say

“Marketing Influence’s focus and vision was more than an asset when they began work to re-brand the company. The excitement generated was only outdone by the success of the newly-focused company. Their skills are too many to list, but their marketing talents are definitely ones to envy.” -Judy Smith, Owner- JPR Communications

“Marketing Influence’s expertise took our marketing efforts to a whole new level. From website revamp to lead generation campaigns, they were informative, professional, and fun to work with. I highly recommend them to any company that is ready to grow and expand its visibility and outreach.” – Alfredo Garcia, VP of Operations- IVEMSA

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We energize marketing efforts and empower you to make effective marketing decisions that won’t break the bank.