Personalized Marketing For Your Needs 

Marketing Influence offers services on an individual project or long-term basis. Whether you are looking for social media marketing, email and lead generation campaign programs, website development and management, digital marketing, strategic consultation or more, the Marketing Influence team has extensive expertise in all areas of marketing. As a team, we’ll explore your options and start with the programs that give you the biggest bang for your buck; and add on as the success builds.

Strategic Planning

The Foundation


Looking at the big picture, goals and budget, and picking the right marketing tools to get you there the fastest. And then measuring and modifying for maximum success.

Brand Integrity

Maintaining Your Image


Marketing Influence keeps an eagle eye out to maintain brand integrity – making sure you speak with one voice and present a consistent look and feel, for maximum recognition; it’s our job.

Digital Marketing

Talking to the World


From coordinated, measurable email campaigns to Pay-Per-Click Adword programs and banner ads, Marketing Influence handles it all – and gets you results.

Website Development

Who You Are


A website is the world’s window to your vision and promise. And the more it’s updated, the more SEO authority you gain. Does your site do that? Marketing Influence can help.

Social Media Management

The Dialogue

The Authority

Social media is a living entity and the more you feed it, the more your credibility grows. From picking which platforms are the most effective, to writing content, and more, we do it all.

Graphic Design

Visual Impact

Standing Out

The look and feel of your materials set the tone for your company. From website visuals, to handouts, to charts that tell a story, we make sure your message stands out from the crowd.


Making Your Point

The Message

Clear and compelling words that reflect the culture and vision of your company are key to success. We help you build your message and make sure it’s a consistent story.

Email Campaigns

Proactive Outreach

Lead Generation

Email campaigns can positively impact your sales results – if they are done properly. From strategy to tactics, the team creates push/pull programs that work.

Custom Marketing Solutions

We energize marketing efforts and empower you to make effective marketing decisions that won’t break the bank.